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WinRunner Automation Testing Interview Questions

WinRunner Automation Testing Interview Questions

  1. How do you handle an Exception in WinRunner?
  2. What’s your comfort level in using WinRunner?
  3. Running tests from the command line?
  4. Can you test DB using WinRunner?
  5. When do you go for Context Sensitive and Analog recordings? What’s the difference between them?
  6. When do you use Break Points?
  7. When do you use Verify/Debug/Update Modes?
  8. How do you invoke an application using TSL?
  9. How do you link a Data Table in your script?
  10. Advantages of WinRunner over other market tools silk, robot etc.?
  11. Defined Functions available in WinRunner?
  12. Difference between WinRunner and Test Director?
  13. Does WinRunner help you in web testing?
  14. Explain WinRunner Testing Modes?
  15. Does load testing possible using WinRunner?
  16. Explain data parameterization in WinRunner.
  17. How do you define WinRunner on your own?
  18. Explain the project tree in Test Director.
  19. Have you completed the CPS exam? Which one?
  20. How TSL looks like?
  21. How do you check GUI objects?
  22. How do you check a bitmap?
  23. How do you define an Exception for complete application or for a particular function?
  24. What are all the different platforms that WinRunner can be used?
  25. What are all the different types of recordings available in WinRunner?
  26. How do you forcibly capture an Object using WinRunner (when WinRunner not able identify it)?
  27. Any knowledge of Test Director?
  28. What are all the types of applications WinRunner can use?
  29. What are data driven tests & How Do you create it in WinRunner?
  30. How do you read text from an application?
  31. How do you run tests on a new version of WinRunner?
  32. What is User Define Functions? What are all the different types of User
  33. What is a batch test? How do you program a batch test?
  34. What is injector in load runner?
  35. What is meant by Check points? Types of Check points? In what situation will you use it?
  36. How do you set a Query to get/fetch data from the DB?
  37. How does Winrunner identify GUI Objects?
  38. How will you synchronize tests using WinRunner? When should you synchronize? Synchronize settings?
  39. Name a couple of standard web function found in the function generator? And explain their purpose.
  40. Questions on TSL: How to generate Functions?
  41. Besides Record and Replay what else can be done using WinRunner?
  42. How do you load GUI Map Editor?
  43. What are all the default codes WinRunner will generates when you start an application?
  44. What are all the different DB that WinRunner can support?
  45. How do you manage test data, test result?
  46. How do you program tests with TSL?
  47. Types of Exception available in WinRunner?
  48. What are all the Limitations & Advantages of WinRunner?
  49. What are different types of running a test?
  50. What are the other codes you can write/call with in TSL? 56. What are all the different languages can be called using TSL in between the scripts?
  51. What are the two GUI Map modes available in WinRunner?
  52. What databases can Test Director reside on?
  53. What happens when user interface changes?
  54. What is Function? Types of Functions?
  55. What is Module? What’s Compiled Module?
  56. What is TSL? What 4GL is it similar too?
  57. What is Toggle Break Points? How it differ from Break points?
  58. What is meant by Function Generator? (F7).
  59. What is meant by GUI Spy?
  60. What is meant by Synchronization? How do you implement it in WinRunner?
  61. What is the use of rapid test script wizard?
  62. What’s Step and Step into?
  63. What’s the File Format used in Data Table?
  64. What’s the WinRunner version number you used for your applications?
  65. What’s the purpose of the wrun.ini file?
  66. What’s the role of GUI Map Editor? (Its connects logical name in the script to the physical attributes of the object in the GUI Map Editor).
  67. What’s the types application you working on using WinRunner?
  68. What’s the use of GUI Map Editor?
  69. Where do you use Private/Public function in your script?
  70. Where you find that you can’t use WinRunner for automation?
  71. WinRunner is suitable for which type of applications?
  72. Winrunner GUI map modes?
  73. Write a short compiled module which selects random numbers; and what function is used to call your customized compiled module?


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