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Advantages and Dis-advantages of V-model

Advantages of V-model (SDLC)

These are the advantages V-Model offers in front of other systems development models:

  • The users of the V-Model participate in the development and maintenance of The V-Model. A change control board publicly maintains the V-Model. The change control board meets anywhere from every day to weekly and processes all change requests received during system development and test.
  • The V-Model provides concrete assistance on how to implement an activity and its work steps, defining explicitly the events needed to complete a work step: each activity schema contains instructions, recommendations and detailed explanations of the activity.

Limitations or Dis-advantages of V-model (SDLC)

The following aspects are not covered by the V-Model, they must be regulated in addition, or the V-Model must be adapted accordingly:

  • The placing of contracts for services is not regulated.
  • The organization and execution of operation, maintenance, repair and disposal of the system are not covered by the V-Model. However, planning and preparation of a concept for these tasks are regulated in the V-Model.
  • The V-Model addresses software development within a project rather than a whole organization.

1 comment :

  1. It is also called as verification and validation Model.
    This means the verification and validation will be done side by side.
    It emphasis the strict process flow to develop a quality product.
    The errors occurred in any phase will be corrected in that phase itself.


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