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Manual Testing vs Automated testing

Discuss about adverse between Manual Testing vs Automated testing :


  • Manual testing is an simple action as compared to automatic testing. Automated testing is beneath time balance as compared to chiral testing.
  • Manual testing is accessible up to assertive akin but Automatic testing is accessible at every level. Automated testing is added big-ticket as compared to chiral testing.
  • Manual testing is acclimated for baby projects where-as Automatic testing is acclimated for continued appellation projects.
  • Manual testing is based on functions and abstraction of the activity but the abutment of Automatic testing is bound to few languages.
  • Manual Testing requires circuitous Chiral Setup and tears down, admitting Automatic Tests can accept been capricious scopes and crave beneath circuitous setups and teardown.
  • Manual Testing has a top accident of missing out on something, admitting Automatic Tests accept aught risks of missing out a pre-decided test.
  • Manual Tests do not accommodate a safety-net, admitting Automatic Tests accommodate a safety-net for refactoring / additions.

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