Integration Testing And Types Of Integration Testing

Define Integration Testing And Types Of Integration Testing

Integration Testing:

Combining the modules and testing the flow of data between them. Integration Testing is divided into 2 types.

  • Incremental Integration Testing:

Adding the modules incrementally and checking the data flow between them. Modules are added in a sequential fashion.

This can be done in two ways 
    • Top-Down Approach
    • Bottom-Up approach.

a) Top-Down Approach:
In this Approach child should be direct descendant of parent. Data flow is from top to bottom, child module is added in incremental fashion.

b) Bottom-Up Approach:
It is exact reverse of Top-Down approach.


  • Non Incremental Integration Testing:

It is also called as Big Bang Method. In this approach modules are added simultaneously, it is going to be difficult to know why the particular issue is happening.


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