Different Types Of White Box Testing

Different Types Of White Box Testing

Path Testing :

Taking up each and every individual path through which the flow of code taken place.

Loop Testing :

A Piece of code executing continuously until the condition becomes false and testing whether it is proper or not.

Ex: For (Loop=1; Loop<=10; Loop++)

Condition Testing :

The process of condition testing ensures that a controlling expression has been adequately exercised whilst the software is under test by constructing a constraint set for every expression and then ensuring that every member on the constraint set is included in the values which are presented to the expression. 

if ( cond1 AND cond2)

F F Stmt2 Stmt2
F T Stmt2 Stmt1
T F Stmt2 Stmt1
T T Stmt1 Stmt1

Performance perceptive :

1) If you are using AND condition, as the result is fail for 3 cases, it is better to write failure condition first.
2) If you are using OR , True condition should be written first.
When we have multiple conditions we need to use switch case rather than using if else if.

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