Define Boundary Value Analysis with Examples

Define Boundary Value Analysis with Examples :

What is Boundary Value Analysis ?

A test data selection technique in which values are chosen to lie along data extremes. Boundary values include maximum, minimum, just inside/outside boundaries, typical values, and error values. The hope is that, if a systems works correctly for these special values then it will work correctly for all values in between.

Example 1 for Boundary Value Analysis : 

Password field accepts minimum 6 characters and maximum 12 characters. [Range is 6-12]

Write Test Cases considering values from  Valid region and each Invalid Region and Values which define exact boundary.

We need to execute 5 Test Cases for our Example 1.
1. Consider password length less than 6
2. Consider password of length exactly 6
3. Consider password of length between 7 and 11
4. Consider password of length exactly 12
5. Consider password of length more than 12 

Note : 1st and 5th Test Cases are considered for Negative Testing


Example 2 for Boundary Value Analysis :

Test cases for input box accepting numbers between 1 and 1000 using Boundary value analysis:
1) Test cases with test data exactly as the input boundaries of input domain i.e. values 1 and 1000 in our case.
2) Test data with values just below the extreme edges of input domains i.e. values 0 and 999.
3) Test data with values just above the extreme edges of input domain i.e. values 2 and 1001.

Example 3 for Boundary Value Analysis :

Name text box which allows 1-30 characters. So in this case writing test cases by entering each character once will be very difficult so then will choose boundary value analysis.

So in this case at max 5 test cases will come:

Test case1: minimum -1 character: Validating not entering anything in text box
Test case2: minimum +1 character: Validating with only one char
Test case3: maximum -1 character: Validating with 29 chars
Test case4: minimum +1 character: Validating with 31 characters
Test case1: any one middle number: validating with 15 chars

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  1. In thrid Example , the test case 4 should be maximum +1 , by mistake it is in minimum +1... please correct it...
    This site is very useful thanks for your valuable knowledge...

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