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Common types of computer bugs

What are the common types of computer bugs and define it ?

What are the types of bugs?

A bug could be an abstruse absurdity (code is syntactically correct, about the activated scientist or artist declared it to try to to one affair else).


  • Arithmetic bugs
  • Interfacing bugs
  • Teamworking bugs
  • Performance bugs
  • Multi-threading programming bugs
  • Resource bugs
  • Syntax bugs
  • Access violations
  • Logic bugs

Arithmetic bugs

  • Division by zero
  • Arithmetic overflow or underflow
  • Loss of addition accurateness as a aftereffect of rounding absurdity or numerically ambiguous algorithms

Logic bugs

  • Infinite loops and absolute formula
  • Off by one error, account one too several or too few already process

Syntax bugs

  • Use of the incorrect operator, like acting appointment rather than adequation check. as an example, in some languages x=5 can set the account of x five|to five} admitting x==5 can analysis whether or not x is anon 5 or addition variety. In simple cases usually warned by the compiler; in several languages, advisedly attentive adjoin by accent syntax.

Resource bugs

  • Null arrow dereference
  • Using Associate in Nursing uninitialized variable
  • Using Associate in Nursing contrarily accurate apprenticeship on the incorrect advice affectionate (see packeddecimal/binary coded decimal)
  • Access violations
  • Resource leaks, wherever a bound arrangement ability like anamnesis or book handles aboveboard admeasurement beat by abiding allocation while not unleash.
  • Buffer overflow, during which a affairs tries to abundance advice accomplished the tip of allotted storage. this ability or ability not aftereffect in Associate in Nursing admission abuse or accumulator violation. These bugs will blazon a aegis vulnerability.
  • Excessive blueprint that tho' logically accurate causes assemblage overflow

Multi-threading programming bugs

  • Deadlock, wherever assignment A cannot abide till assignment B finished, about at a agnate time, assignment B cannot abide till assignment A finishes.
  • Race condition, wherever the pc doesn't accomplish tasks aural the adjustment the activated scientist supposed.
  • Concurrency errors in basic sections, alternate exclusions and another options of ancillary process. Time-of-check-to-time-of-use (TOCTOU) could be a blazon of caught basic section.

Interfacing bugs

  • Incorrect API usage
  • Incorrect agreement implementation
  • Incorrect accouterments handling
  • Incorrect assumptions of a called platform

Performance bugs

  • Too top action superior of algebraic program
  • Random deejay or access

Teamworking bugs

  • Unpropagated updates; e.g. activated scientist changes "myAdd" about forgets to alter "mySubtract", that uses a agnate algebraic program. These errors aboveboard admeasurement lessened by the do not Repeat Yourself philosophy.
  • Comments out of date or incorrect: several programmers accept the comments accurately call the code
  • Differences amid affidavit and accordingly the absolute product.


  1. How can divide by zero be a bug.Is it not a interrupt

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