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Manual Testing Interview Questions Answers

Manual Testing Interview Questions Answers


  1. Can you explain the V model in manual testing?
  2. What is Re-testing testing?
  3. What is Recovery Testing?
  4. What is Regression testing?
  5. What is Sanity Testing?
  6. What is Scalability Testing?
  7. What is Smoke Testing?
  8. What is Stress Testing?
  9. What is Usability testing?
  10. What is equivalence class partitioning?
  11. What is functional system testing? Explain in detail.
  12. Draw differences between web application testing and client server testing.
  13. Explain in detail the difference between smoke and sanity testing.
  14. Explain in detail what boundary value analysis is.
  15. Explain in detail what integration testing is.
  16. Explain the difference between usability and functional defects. Give an example to further clarify the answer.
  17. Explain with an example what test case and bug report are.
  18. How does one go about reviewing a test case and what are the types that are available?
  19. How does one make use of QC? Draw differences between QC and QA.
  20. How does one test a web application?
  21. In case of defects in the software, how are priority and severity defined?
  22. In the agile model, what are the different testing methodologies used?
  23. What are the benefits of test independence?
  24. What do you write in a test plan?
  25. What does ‘testing’ mean?
  26. What is AUT?
  27. What is Ad Hoc Testing?
  28. What is Alpha Testing?
  29. What is Beta Testing?
  30. What is Compatibility Testing?
  31. What is Component Testing?
  32. What is Concurrency Testing?
  33. What is Conformance Testing?
  34. What is Context Driven Testing?
  35. What is Conversion Testing?
  36. What is Data Driven Testing?
  37. What is Depth Testing?
  38. What is Dynamic Testing?
  39. What is End-to-End testing?
  40. What is Endurance Testing (or Soak Testing)?
  41. What is Exhaustive Testing?
  42. What is Installation Testing?
  43. What is Localization Testing?
  44. What is Loop Testing?
  45. What is Monkey Testing (or Gorilla Testing)?
  46. What is Mutation Testing?
  47. What is Negative Testing?
  48. What is Path Testing?
  49. What is Performance Testing?
  50. What is Positive Testing?
  51. What is Ramp Testing?
  52. What is User Acceptance testing?
  53. What is Volume Testing?
  54. What is accessibility testing?
  55. What is compatibility testing?
  56. What is debugging?
  57. What is pilot testing?
  58. What is port testing?
  59. What is risk analysis? Explain in detail.
  60. What is the difference between bug, error and defect?
  61. What is the difference between debugging and testing? Explain in detail.
  62. What is the difference between test scenarios and test strategy?
  63. What is the difference between testing tools and testing techniques?
  64. What is the difference between usability testing and GUI testing?
  65. What is the fish model?
  66. What is the importance of drivers and stubs in testing?
  67. What is the main objective when reviewing a software deliverable?
  68. What is the purpose of carrying out manual testing for a background process that does not have a user interface and how do you go about it?
  69. What is the structure of a bug life cycle?
  70. What is the test case life cycle?
  71. What is the water fall model in manual testing?
  72. What purpose does a test plan serve in your project?
  73. When is decision table testing used?

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