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Discuss the differences between Testing vs Debugging:


Testing activity is carried down by a team of testers, in order to find the defect in the software. Test engineers run their tests on the piece of software and if they encounter any defect (i.e. actual results don't match expected results), they report it to the development team. Along with the nature of defect, testers also have to report at what point the defect occurred and what happened due the occurrence of that defect. All this information will be used by development team to DEBUG the defect.


Debugging is the activity which is carried out by the development team (or developer), after getting the test report from the testing team about defect(s) (you may note defects can also be reports by the client). The developer then tries to find the cause of the defect, in this quest he may need to go through lines of code and find which part of code in causing that defect. After finding out the bug, he tries to modify that portion of code and then he rechecks if the defect has been finally removed. After fixing the bug, developers send the software back to testers.

Testing vs Debugging:

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  • Debugging done in the development phase by the developers. 
  • In development phase developer fixes the bug (i.e)called debugging.
  • Debugging-Fixing the identified Bugs.
  • Debugging is the act of fixing the bugs that is reported by either the testing team or by the end users. 
  • Debugging: It is done by the Developer. It is nothing but fixing the developer.


  • Testing is conducted by the testers in testing phase. 
  • In Testing phase tester will finds the bug (i.e)called testing to improve the quality of the product. 
  • Testing-Locating/Identifying Bugs. 
  • Testing is the performed by tester with the intent of finding a bug in an application. Upon finding a bug the tester will be reporting it to development team. 
  • Testing: It is done by Tester.Testing is nothing but finding out the errors.

What is Testing vs Debugging ?

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